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Blazin' Bulldogs
Bringing the HEAT to your home!

Our Team

Blazin' Bulldogs is focused in producing healthy, happy, puppies with exquisite coloration, while breeding true to the AKC show standard. We own both rare and standard colored French Bulldogs. I do intensive research into the genetic and ancestral makeup of my dogs, and any dogs I will be using within my program. This research is done to make sure that I'm doing my part in maintaining the integrity of the Bulldog breeds while doing my best to try and improve the existing bloodlines. I raise a limited number of litters a year, so that each and every puppy gets the appropriate amount of socialization and attention!


Every puppy is registered through the American Kennel Club (AKC). We are a very family oriented breeder, as I believe a puppy that is raised in a properly stimulated environment can easily transition into their new families!

We are made up of a collaboration of two best friends who share a love of animals. Together, our parent dogs are a part of a family of their own. 


We take pride in our puppies and the homes we seek for them. Although French and English Bulldogs puppies are not cheap they are worth every penny. We are dedicated to providing families with a lifetime friend and family member and helping families make being owned by a Bulldog possible . If you think one of our babies would be a good fit feel free to ask any questions, we look forward to helping you find your new puppy!

Alexander and Dublin
Kenny and Alexander
Alexander, Kimchi, Dublin
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